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1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
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Surgical Guide Sleeves

Universally Compatible

Compatible with: 3DDX Kit, 3D Click, 3i Navigator Parallel, 3i Navigator Tapered, Anatomage, Astra, Astra EV, Blue Sky Bio Generic Kit, Bicon, BioHorizons, Camlog, Dentis, Expertise, Hiossen, Implant Direct, Implant Vision, In2Guide, Keystone, MIS, Neodent, NEOSS, Nobel, OCO Biomedical, R2 Guided Kit, Shatkin 1st Kit, Pilot sleeves

Side-Opening: Genius

Unique to the 3DDX Kit, side-opening sleeves make accessing posterior sites where vertical space is limited much easier. They offer the same compatibility as conventional sleeves except for the 4.2mm diameter.

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