3DDX Side Opening Kit

Designed for maximum compatibility and accessibility
Universally compatible with your implants

With a wide selection of drill diameter sizes and variable lengths, the 3DDX Side-Opening kit has been designed with maximum compatibility in mind. Our drills will work with all implant systems!

More accessible posterior sites with side-opening sleeves

Unique to the 3DDX Kit, side-opening sleeves make accessing posterior sites where vertical space is limited much easier. They offer the same compatibility as conventional sleeves except for the 4.2mm diameter.

See It All In Action

Watch all the components of the side-opening kit and how to use it
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Side-Opening Sleeves

Pioneered by 3DDX engineering, the side-opening guided surgery sleeves maintain universal implant compatibility with the added advantage of making posterior sites easily accessible when working with patients who have limited oral vertical space.

Universal compatibility

Our kit is compatible with all major implant systems available in the market. Whatever you like to use, we've got it covered.

Ease of use & Accessibility

The drills are arranged in ascending order according to length and diameter and are all color-coded.

Side-Opening Sleeves

Unique to the 3DDX kit, side-opening sleeves give you additional maneuvering room where vertical space is limited.

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