All Your CT, None of the Artifacts

Handcrafted Segmentations

With our 3D conversions you get high quality manual reconstructions of your CT data with artifact clean-up and the ability to request additional anatomy segmentation into masks with different colors for the best possible visualization.
Ready in 4 to 6 hours

Here at 3D Diagnostix, we realize just how precious your time is. This is why we work hard to ensure you get your 3D conversions as fast as possible.

Outstanding visualization

Visualize your patients’ anatomy in beautiful high definition with free 360 degree rotation. The custom masks allow for showing or hiding areas of interest.

Stellar case presentation

3D conversions are an amazing asset for increasing case acceptance. Showing your patients their anatomy in 3D makes it easier for them to understand their case.

Better Aesthetic results

Plan your implants with more predictable outcomes

An accurate 3D conversion of CT data doesn't only look pretty. Visualizing your patient's dental anatomy in 3D while planning your implants allows for aesthetically-driven restorative planning.

No distractions
Say goodbye to CT artifacts with our high quality clean ups
Top-to-bottom approach
Plan your implants for the optimal aesthetic outcome
Virtual teeth
Show your patients how their restorations will look

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