Make the most out of our your patients' CBCT scans

CBCT scans are a mine of diagnostic information. Our radiologists can help you get the most value out of them
Board Certified OMRs

Each and every 3DDX Radiology Report is interpreted and signed by a board certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist. Our radiologists carefully review your patients' CT scan (DICOMs), and create a comprehensive report covering your area of interest and any existing pathology.

Comprehensive Reports

Our Radiology Reports are all comprehensive and detailed multi-page interpretations. They include images and illustrations with precise measurements and captions that highlight your requested areas of interest and any other pathological findings.

Custom Made For You

When you order a 3DDX Radiology Report you can request any (or all) of the following: Implant Site Evaluation, Existing Implant Evaluation, Sinus Evaluation, TMJ Evaluation, Airway evaluation, or Pathology Rule Out. No matter how many you choose, all reports are flat-fee.

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Take a look at some samples of our Radiology Reports

Available anywhere, any time

3DDX Radiology Reports are all digital. Once a Radiology Report is finished, you can instantly download it in PDF format and take it with you on your tablet or smartphone.
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