Get a FREE Apple IPAD!

Save on implant planning services and get free gifts!

The 3DDX iPlan package offers you savings on treatment planning services and comes with a free iPad or gift cards from Apple, Amazon or your favorite stores.

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Unrivaled Value

The pre-paid 3DDX iPlan package starts at $1,499 and offers you savings and free gifts of up to $650*
Present cases in 3D

Your free iPad will come with two 3D glasses to impress your patients

Fine-tuning anywhere

You can use your iPad to schedule and join your fine-tuning sessions

Truly mobile reports

Take your 3DDX Radiology Reports with you everywhere on the iPad

Pick your own gifts

Already have an iPad? You can pick from many other gift options

Purchase devices from the Apple Store or digital items from the AppStore

Apple Gift Card

Use to purchase anything you like from Amazon shopping or digital services

Amazon Gift Card

Use to purchase 3DDX services and save even more on your guided surgery cases

3DDX Credit

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