1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
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Customer Testimonials

“3D Diagnostix has taken the initiative in filling a quickly increasing and vital need providing clinicians with a means to navigate through the confusing world of CT and CBCT data through their simple yet elegant online interface and their diverse offerings.”

Scott D. Ganz, DMD Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial Prosthetics & Implant Dentistry Fort Lee, NJ

“Providing the highest level of patient care in my practice includes using the latest diagnostic technology. With 3D conversions, radiology reports and surgical guides, 3D Diagnostix has helped me raise and maintain that level of care. Their quality control for surgical guides and unwavering customer support has been very helpful.”

Robert W. Emery, DDS Diplomate ABOMS Capitol Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Washington, DC

“Having dependable and high quality 3D support services is critical in conducting our courses. 3D Diagnostix provides us with the most thorough and accurate reconstructions that are unparalleled in the industry. Their state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and services make it user friendly and simple for doctors. They re the ones to go with.”

Randolph R. Resnik, BS, DMD, MDS Associate Professor, Temple University Surgical Director, Misch International Implant Institute

“I have used 3DDX for several years and have been extremely satisfied with their service. Their customer support is extraordinary. They have consistently been helpful with every aspect of my implant planning. When I first started using SimPlant software, 3DDX patiently walked me through the learning curve with training sessions. They were always patient and generous with their time. They even offered to answer questions late in the evening or early in the morning at my convenience.
Throughout the process of learning implant placement and the software technology which is now the standard of care for implant placement, 3DDX has been a critical part of that process. I highly recommend their services to any clinician starting out or already proficient with implants. I have never in 30 years been so impressed with a company that is so concerned, pleasant to work with, and so competent in their respective field of expertise.”

Alan Rosenthal, DDS Norwalk, CT

“I will never trust any other company. You guys are the best.”

Dr. Hector L.. Briceno Winter Garden, FL

“I have always been pleased with your service. All contacts with you have been positive.”

Dr. Robert Hinkle Dublin Oral and Dental ImplantSurgery Dublin, OH

“I am so glad that I found you. Your service is terrific and reasonably priced. It allows me to do scans on almost all of my implant cases. Keep up the good work.”

Dr. Daniel Camm –  Drs. Camm & Golian, DDS Brunswick, OH

“3D Diagnostix inc. has saved us time and effort and has enabled us to provide superior diagnostic services to our clients. The number of referrals to our center has steadily increased over the months, due in part to our use of 3DDX.”

Dr. Bernard Friedland, B.Ch.D., MSc., J.D. Head Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Harvard School of Dental Medicine Boston, MA

“We have found 3DDX's SimPlant conversion service to be outstanding. After persevering with other conversion services, we were frustrated at the lack of customer support. 3DDX supports our imaging practice by providing us with the professional, user oriented service that our referring clinicians expect and deserve. A very competitive pricing structure, reliable FTP secure uploads, quick turn around and two-way communication every step of the way.”

Dr. William Scarfe and Dr. Allan Farman Diagnostic Maxillo-Facial Imaging University Associates(www.dmfiua.com), Louisville, Kentucky Associate Professor (Dr. William Scarfe) Radiology and Imaging Sciences Dept. of Surgical/Hospital Dentistry University of Louisville School of Dentistry 501 South Preston Street, Louisville KY

“I was extremely frustrated with the local conversion services and have nothing but praise for everyone at 3ddx. I always get the best and the most efficient service and would highly recommend them to anyone considering radiology manipulation services.”

Dr. Amit Pandey, BDS Accredited International Trainer (International Society of Computerised Dentistry United Kingdom

“Being able to get CT scans converted in less than 24 hours helps me address patient concerns and optimize the planning and placement of dental implants.”

Dr. Ramsey Burton, D.M.D. Periodontist Louisville, KY

“Thank you guys for a job done fast and well!”

Dr.Ilya Lipkin, D.M.D. Orthodontist Emerson, NJ

“3D Diagnostix s services improve physician's appreciation of Cone Beam CT and have lead to an increase in the number of referrals to my center and a true benefit to the patients.”

MaryJane Menard Advanced Dental Imaging Manchester, NH

“It is a pleasure to work with a company that is customer service driven and that continues to strive for the latest technology. The method used to transfer the reports via the web is the best feature this program has had for us. Quick turnaround time is key, and with your system that has happened every time.”

Catherine Rodriguez Chief Operations Officer Institute of Volumetric Imaging LLC Orlando, FL

“I worked with the instructor on two cases, discussing each step as we developed a treatment plan. This kind of hands-on training is very different from sitting through a lecture and watching a PowerPoint presentation. The course will more than pay for itself because now I can plan more efficiently to reduce chair time and eliminate many of the problems that can arise during an implant procedure”

Brian Willson, DDS North Carolina