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1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
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Guided Full Mouth Restorations

Snap-In Bone Reduction Guide

Your First Step

The first component of our Guided Full Mouth Restorations workflow takes away all the guesswork involved in bone reduction by helping you level the bone exactly as planned digitally. It also acts as the base for the Implant Surgical Guide.

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Snap-In Implant Surgical Guide

Sub-Millimetric Accuracy & Control

Once bone leveling is complete, the Implant Surgical Guide simply snaps-in securely on top of the Bone Reduction Guide.
The pinpoint accuracy and ease of use that 3DDX Surgical Guides provide will help you place your implants where you want them while also reducing implant surgery time by up to 70%.

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Abutment Guide

Go Guided Beyond Implants

When working on a full arch restoration case every component needs to be individually tuned for the perfect fit. Now that you have bone level and implants down, the next step is to make sure your abutments are perfectly aligned with the planned temporary denture. This is what the 3DDX Abutment Guide is here for. Just take out the Implant Surgical Guide and snap it on top of the base. No more guesswork or time wasted on unnecessary re-adjustments.

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Full Arch Hybrid Restoration

The Perfect Smile

This is what your patients came in for. Digitally designed by our prosthodontists, milled from high-grade PMMA and finished beautifully, our temporary guided dentures give you full control over the prosthetic outcome and will have your patients smiling all the way back home.

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