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Introducing: Easy Surgical Guide & Radiology Report Ordering
No Additional Software Needed!

We are happy to announce a new feature for your PreXion3D Excelsior CBCT Scanner!
You can now order Surgical Guides and Radiology Reports for your Prexion CBCT scans in just a few clicks!
Surgical Guides
• Based off your Prexion implant plan
• Compatible with all major implant
   systems and guided surgery kits.
• Delivery within 5 business days.
• Cost-effective solution starting at
   only $160
Radiology Reports
• Read and Interpreted by board
   certified OMRs.
• Pathology, Implant, Sinus, Airway and
   TMJ evaluations available.
• Comprehensive and detailed.

Get A $100 Voucher

Just For Calling and Asking About This New Feature!

Surgical Guide Fee Schedule

Radiology reports, fixation sites/pins/drills are not included. Shipping and handling ($35) is not included.
Online review is an unlimited number of online sessions with one of our dentists to go over the proposed Prexion implant plan.
If no online review is requested, one of our dentists will still review your case before it goes into production.
An email will be sent if there are findings that need corrective action.

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