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1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
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Surgical Guides

Sub-millimetric accuracy

Achieving the perfect smile is a very complex process and when you have software tools that allow for sub-millimetric implant planning you need the pinpoint accuracy of the 3DDX Surgical Guide to make sure each implant is placed exactly where and how you intended it to be.

A guide for every case

We understand that no two cases are the same. That's why each and every 3DDX surgical guide is custom made from the ground up to fit your implant plan and patient's anatomy. Our guides are available with tooth, bone or mucosa support. You can also order bone reduction guides when needed.

Minimize chair time

Computer guided surgery isn't just about accuracy, it's also about saving your and your patients' time. 3DDX Surgical Guides allow you to reduce surgery time by up to 70%. You also need fewer patient visits before the surgery due to the much simpler workflow.
Available for coDiagnostiX, SimPlant & BlueSkyBio.

Take the fast track

3D Diagnostix's commitment to making computer guided surgery accessible to more dentists means you get your surgical guides faster and more affordable than ever before. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for your Surgical Guide to arrive. We can deliver your guide as fast as 5 business days!

Implant Analogue Model

You can order an Implant Analogue Model (IAM) with your surgical guide to help you give your patients beautiful provisional restorations based on your computer guided treatment plan for that instant perfect smile effect!