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Send us your completed implant plan in any software
Decision Maker

By choosing to send your planned implant case to 3DDX for production, you save time and money while remaining in full control.

Plan Your Implants

Plan your own implants in the software of your choice then upload the file to our secure online portal (3DDX Connect) for production.

This is what we do

Our team will take it from there
Radiology Report (Optional)

Radiology reports are a great way to inspect your scan data for a more predictable surgery and to rule out any potential concerns or pathology.
Learn more about our board-certified radiology reports here.

Surgical Guide Design & Production

Once your implant plan has been finalized, we will design your Surgical Guide. We will then send you the design to review and confirm before we send it to production. Learn more about our surgical guides here.

Restoration Design & Production (Optional)

Custom-made CAD/CAM abutments and restorations allow you to send your patients home with beautiful temporary restorations that closely resemble their finals. Learn more about our custom restorations here.

3DDX Customer Support

Along every step of the way, our dedicated customer support team is available to answer all your inquiries from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

Join 1,000s of dentists who are already saving time and money by working with 3DDX according to their own needs and schedules.

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