1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
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Custom Abutments & Restorations

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Digital technology

Our CAD/CAM Custom Restorations and healing
abutments are digitally designed to perfectly match your computer guided treatment plan.
Because the process is all digital, your restorations will be ready and delivered to you before surgery.

Aesthetic accuracy

Precisely designed  by 3DDX dentists for maximum compatibility and gorgeous smiles, our custom restorations and abutments are compatible with all major implants and guided surgery kits so you can give your patients an instant smile and regardless of your choice of implant.

Your one-stop-shop

3DDX provides you with one streamlined workflow that will take you from CT Scan through Implant Planning and Surgical Guide to a truly beautiful custom restoration.

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