1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
1-866-834-7925 – info@3ddx.com
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Treatment Planning

Reduced error margin

Eliminate all guesswork from your implant planning process. Our dentists work on your patients' CT/CBCT data according to your instructions using state of the art implant planning software with a top-to-bottom approach to make sure your patients get the optimal clinical and aesthetic results.

Predictable surgery

When you go into the operatory with 3DDX Treatment Plan print-outs you can be confident that there will be no surprises. The print-outs include all the information you need on your planned implants and any required surgical protocols for your case. You can also easily view them on your tablet.

Work with our dentists

3DDX Treatment Plans are performed by in-house dentists leveraging years of experience with computer guided surgery and implant planning software. They collaborate with you on unlimited one-on-one fine-tuning sessions ensuring that you remain the final decision maker for your cases.

Accelerate your workflow

After you fill in a quick online prescription, our dentists take care of all the hard work and all you have to do is review it during the online fine-tuning session. You now have more free time to spend with your patients, family or just relaxing.
Available for coDiagnostiX & SimPlant.

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