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It Starts Before The Scan

The first step in Guided Surgery is sending your patient for a CT / CBCT scan. The 3DDX work flow is designed to help you take a great scan by providing easy to follow instruction sheets. We'll even help you find a nearby scanning center if you don't already use one.

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Radiology Report

After your patient gets a CT scan, it is a very good idea to get a radiology report based on the scan. A licensed oral maxillofacial radiologist can reveal important details in and around your area of interest including TMJ/sinus evaluation, implant sites, and pathology.

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3D Conversion

Getting a 3D conversion of your patients CT scan is where the powerful diagnostic capability enabled by this technology becomes apparent. A 3D conversion is a reconstruction of the patient’s mandible or maxilla from the CT scan slices. It can also include segmentation of the anatomy into separate 3D layers.

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Treatment Planning

Digital treatment planning is where dentists get to leverage all the technology used up to this point to provide maximum treatment benefit to their patients. You can either work with our team of dentists to create the plan or plan your own cases on your implant planning software.

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Surgical Guide

Once a plan is complete and approved by the dentist, the plan is used to order a surgical guide. The surgical guide, as the name suggests, provides an accurate guide drilling prior to placing the implants. Guides are bone, tooth or mucosa supported. Which method is used depends on clinical factors.

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